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Caryna, the new 2016 collection, incredibly simple in its perfection!

For an aesthetical proposal of emotional impact, in the balance of its…

come and discover the ikona collection

The IKONA collection has a clean, elegant design, which, with its pure lines,…

Ikona: adjustable aerator

Ingenious in its simplicity. The undisputed star of the Ikona washbasin mixer is definitely the ORIENTABLE AERATOR:…
Frisone Rubinetterie: mixers and taps for bathroom, shower and kitchen.
Founded in 1978, Frisone Rubinetterie have over 30 years’ experience in the manufacture of taps and fittings; characterised by a continuous search for technological innovation and for creativity in design, the results are always new lines of mixers and taps that offer our clientele products that follow the trends in bathroom furnishings, that have a distinctively original and personal style, and high reliability and quality standards.